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Opening Early Fall 2020, Pulse Esports Gaming Arena is New Yorks City's first dedicated esports tournament/league Space! Pulse Esports Gaming Arena is the space of choice for Publishers, professional teams, and players, from those just starting their journey to experiences pros looking to stay on top of their game! Pulse Esports Gaming Arena NYC is a first of its kind experience for the entire Esports community



The best quality and experience for any event, from broadcast presentation to tournament atmosphere. Pulse Arena removes event costs allowing publishers to focus on brand awareness and value for sponsorships.


Capture your skill with the dedicated Pulse Arena Coaching and training program. The training room boasts 25 stations with current curriculum for each game! Whether your a parent or adult rest assured Pulse Arena offers one day drop ins, summer camps, and high performance training academies.


Pulse Arena provides all levels
of teams a state of the art facility for training, content creation, collaborations and most importantly high-level competitions. Pulse Esports Arena removes the high barrier costs associated with team facilities. Customized training programs give teams the ability to improve in specific areas using proprietary API Gaming and AI Training. 


Multi-Faceted Gaming Space

Pulse Esports Arena boasts two viewing levels. The Main Floor has an intimate, interactive 105 seats, with an additional 31 in the food vendor seating! The 2nd level has exclusive VIP seating of 20 in a balcony setting above the crowd. There is also an ultra-exclusive VIP suite. The lines of site are spectacular, and create an experience to prepare not only fans, but esports teams for the Majors!

Accommodating 120 total seats, views of the analysts, and close views of the players brings an intimate, but strong esports experience. The training room, driven by our exclusive program, boasts 25 stations with an always current curriculum taught by coaches in their respective games! Parents and adults alike can feel assured they will receive the best training, in the safest environment, from one day drop in sessions, to full summer and spring camps, to high performance training academies.

Pulse Esports Gaming Arena will prepare not only fans, but esports teams and leagues to be the very best, in the greatest esports City on earth!


Leading the way in Esports Innovation

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Founded in 2019, Pulse Esports Arena has quickly become one of the leaders in North America as the gaming establishment to watch, develop and lead in the Esports space – whether events, training, or amateur circuits/leagues.


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